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Welcome you from 1977 in 2015 from Amsterdam

Much has happened and there's much more to come

on this site:

one Bugs starting history, Martin Kaye's Bugs lettering

two mp3, pictures, stories 1977 - 1983

three the release cd party 2007 in Paradiso

four news, press, links


New in 2008 the release of the 12" vinyl 'Emotion'

order at:


In 2007 we have released our cd:

in 1977 Bugs members

start talking about forming a band together


linernotes pdf

from 1978 the Bugs start rehearsing in Akhnaton:

Nieuwe zijdskolk
in the center of Amsterdam

they performed everywhere

on the stages of the real bands

opening shops

in squats

open air


they say the Bugs performed 54 times

in the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam

for us it felt like home

it was easy for Paradiso

we rehearsed in the cellar

it was nice for us

always being able to experiment

songs on the setlist changing completely 2 times a year

now, in 2007, we celebrate the release of the cd:

'the Bugs live in Paradiso 78 - 81'

with original live recordings

from Paradiso 1978 - 1981


Paradiso posters by Martin Kaye

Bugsposters included as jpg on cd:

'the Bugs live in Paradiso 78 - 81'

dvd available with all

1048 Paradiso posters 1972 - 1983 by Martin Kaye



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